Demakes Enterprises Has A History Of Giving Back

The Demakes family has a strong tradition of giving back to the local communities on the north shore of Boston and in particular to the city of Lynn. Old Neighborhood, Thin N Trim and Waterhill Natural and Organic foods have been produced in Lynn for over 105 years and the family has a deep connection to their hometown roots. Tom Demakes’s family were originally immigrants from Greece and Tom has never forgotten the opportunities that America extended to his grandparents and their eight children. This is what has compelled Tom to pay it forward in his hometown of Lynn.

Tom has made it all of his life’s mission to improve the city of Lynn and in one non-profit after another he has invested in their facilities and their governance so as to maximize the effectiveness of each organization’s programs to deliver superior services to the immigrant population of this inner-city.

Tom and his fellow philanthropists and associates have completed new facilities for Girls Inc., Kipp Academy Charter Schools (2), and a new 70k square foot addition to the Lynn YMCA. Still in progress are a phase 1 renovation of the Boys and Girls Club (with Phases 2 and 3 to follow) and a planned total renovation of Leo Inc.

Tom embodies the ideals of giving back to the city that provided so many opportunities to him and his family. The Demakes families have ensured that the future generations of Lynn’s children will continue to thrive.