The Thin N’ Trim Family

We’re a small, neighborhood company, led by the third and fourth generation of the founding Demakes family and staffed by our neighbors and friends. We enjoy working together to bring you the best food experience possible, and have earned a reputation for nothing short of excellence. The foundation for our performance year after year is our understanding that you cannot deliver a superior product unless you invest in superior ingredients. Add in continuous training, state-of-the-art plant improvements and new equipment, plus continually improved quality control and quality assurance standards, and you have the best product on the market.

But we don’t stop there. We respond to our customers’ changing desires by continually reassessing flavor profiles, recipes and nutrition. In fact, that’s how Thin ‘n Trim was launched. Our sister company, Old Neighborhood Foods, began experimenting with low fat and low sodium products in 1987 as diets evolved. The goal was half the sodium and less fat, and we kept at it until we achieved our goals along with excellent flavor and eye appeal along with our trademark quality. The result: Thin ‘n Trim’s first products, great-tasting salami and bologna. Since then we’ve added roast beef, turkey, ham to meet customer demand for great-tasting, low sodium healthy meats. We never stop trying to better serve our customers by giving them great food at a great value.

We remain true to our neighborhood roots, striving to be a responsible, generous and ethical neighbor in Boston’s North Shore communities. Because we support those around us, we’re involved in many community events from sponsoring little league teams to helping local food pantries and churches in their outreach programs and everything else in between.

As our neighborhood has grown, so have we, but one thing remains above all: our commitment to quality and great taste.